•You will write a critique of an image you have picked from one of the
chapters in the Art Forms book. The paper must contain the four parts of a
formal critique,
(Description, describe the image as if you were discussing it with someone
who was visually impaired.
Analysis, how does the artist utilize the elements and principles of design.
Interpretation, what is the artist saying in the work, does he/she succeed,
and why. Go back to description to justify your answer.
Judgment, why do you like or dislike the work, and if so either way, explain
and back up your answer.), and each area must have its own subheading. When setting up your critique, spend time viewing the image in the book,
taking notes and try to write as much as possible prior to sitting down to type
your final version. Most papers usually have the description/analysis to be
3-4 paragraphs each, and the interpretation/judgment to consist of one-two
paragraphs respectively. My expectation is that for each student to succeed
in this assignment, content is extremely important and will count far more
than size.

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