Your own growth and development as a social worker in the profession is very important. It is essential to become aware of your own limitations, strengths, available resources, potentialities, values, and understanding of self and others. Assess your own growth in this course by responding to the following questions. Please limit your discussion to no more than four (4) pages.

Reflect on your first assignment of this semester (“Influences on Human Behavior” paper). Would you still identify the same three influences on your current behavior? If not, what influences would you identify now?
How have you grown in self-awareness in this course?
What challenges/questions arose for you during this semester?
What issues do you continue to grapple with?
What do you see as your continuing professional development needs?
What are your special contributions to social work?
What are your identified limitations?
In addition to the paper, you will need to create a visual presentation to share your growth and development with the class. Your presentation can be a slide show, digital poster, or video. If you have other ideas, please check in with the professor first. You may consider using Canva ( to an external site.) for your presentation. It is free and can be created in a browser tab (no software to download.) We can talk more about this!

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