Your reading this week was careful to identify the differences between management development and leadership development programs (p. 190). Leadership development programs for a part, if not all of the staff, can be a powerful tool for improving services delivered to consumers and the long-term success of the firm. For this week’s assignment, you are going to propose and discuss a leadership development program.
After reading Chapter 10, think about the differences between management and leadership development, as well as the leadership skills discussed in the text (p. 195) to come up with your proposed Professional Development Program topic. Examples might include Diversity and Inclusion training, Emergency Preparedness training, Team-Building and Communication training, etc. Once you have determined your topic, complete the Leadership Development Proposal template (available in your Instructional Resources and below) which will help you think through the various components of the program.
After completing your proposal template, add a section called “Discussion” in the same document and answer the following questions:
Explain how this training is a leadership development training and what leadership skills staff will have after completing this training.
Your textbook gives an example of what can happen when a needs assessment is not done well (p. 191). What should the needs assessment for your training consider carefully?
Discuss how this training would be evaluated, including what outcomes you think could qualify this training as a success (for example, what gets better for the firm and/or consumers if the program goals are achieved? How will you know that learning occurred?)
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