Your research proposal which will be 1-2 pages, written in complete sentences and well-rounded paragraphs. DO NOT respond to the prompts in a question/answer format.
Include appropriate MLA header.
Draft your research or inquiry question or what it is you want to learn about. If you have a working thesis at this point, you may use that.
State your purpose. What do you want to learn, accomplish, or teach your reader in your essay?
Talk about your thought process. How did you decide on this topic? What are your initial assumptions or thoughts on this topic?
Feel free to add quotes from your sources (and list in Works Cited).
You can integrate all or parts of this Research Proposal in your Essay, so the more you do here, the further along you will be with your essay.
whom ever i choose to write the proposal i would like to rehire to write my 6-8 page research paper.

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