Your second assignment is a 2000 word business report consisting of:A critical evaluation of the environmental sustainability strategy and performance of your chosen company. Your evaluation should include at least the following:
A summary of your understanding of the sustainability strategy of your company. An evaluation of the company’s approach to their sustainability strategy using a variety of theoretical frameworks
(Critically evaluates the company’s sustainability strategy using the PWC criteria on Strategy, Purpose, Governance, KPIs and Targets. Enriches the analysis with insightful application of a wide variety of theoretical frameworks (e.g. Blowfield and Laszlo and Zhexembayeva) covered in class as well as, potentially, those identified in wider reading. Complements the analysis with expert application of competitor or sector information. Successfully maps company strategy against the SDGs).
An explanation of your company’s approach to Environmental Management Systems, and what this says about their commitment to their strategy
(Using ISO14001 and EMAS as benchmarks, provides a comprehensive evaluation of the company’s environmental management systems. Using the PWC criteria for Balanced reporting and External Assurance, evaluates the company’s sustainability reporting level. Enriches the analysis using relevant, credible academic journal articles).• PERFORMANCE EVALUATION (paragraph 3)
An evaluation of the company’s environmental performance i.e., the implementation of their strategy over the last 3-5 years, in two or more of the following areas: marketing; operations and supply chain management
The incorporation of relevant concepts, frameworks and theories (including but not restricted to the principles of resource savings (the 5Rs) into the performance evaluation.
An explanation and evaluation of how comprehensive and transparent their sustainability reporting is, using relevant frameworks to support this evaluation
(An insightful, balanced evaluation of the company’s environmental performance i.e. the implementation of their strategy and plans over the last 3-5 years. Effectively integrates the 5Rs framework, Life Cycle Assessment, Reverse Logistics and Circular Economy Principles to evaluate at least two of the following: operations, supply chain management, marketing. Complements the evaluation with competitor performance data and industry-wide data)CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATIONS (paragraph 4)
A conclusions section that sums up your evaluation and makes relevant recommendations for future improvements to their strategy and performance(Effectively summarises the report and provides specific, actionable and realistic recommendations for improvement, which flow logically from the analysis and show a deep understanding of the company’s current position and capabilities).Five Rs – reduce, reclaim, replace, reuse and recycleInclude figures, frameworks from concepts used and stuff from Adidas – reference them as well
Intro – mention the fact I spoke about Polyester which causes microplastic pollution, Dye in the clothes – causing waterways and fresh water to become polluted, and amount of clothing ending up in landfills causing carbon emissions to rise
Include everything ‘Paper Details’ and ‘Additional Guidance’ mentions
I’ve spent 24 hrs on this essay and I keep doing it wrong…
Thank you 🙂

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