You’ve learned the anatomy and physiology of the cardiovascular, immune, lymphatic, and respiratory systems. As much as we like to partition the body into discrete units, it is often the case that systems are interdependent and their function is intimately tied to other organ systems.
For the Week 8 discussion of 255, I would like you to think back on the previous sessions and choose one organ or organ system covered in BIOS251 and BIOS252 (Chemical and cellular organization, tissues, integumentary system, skeletal system, joints, muscular system, nervous system, special senses and endocrine system).
After that, discuss how that organ/organ system is connected to the material we have covered in BIOS 255.
For example, we talked about the importance of intrinsic factor to making red blood cells in Week 1. You could discuss the connection between dietary absorption of intrinsic factor, vitamin B12, and the maintenance of a healthy hematocrit.

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